Philosophy – Building Partnerships to Build Clean Energy

CPV partners with communities by building strong working relationships with residents, civic groups and local elected officials to be a responsible neighbor, sensitive to community values. CPV invests in public education and outreach programs to help people understand the technology and provide information about the development process from start to finish. CPV’s facilities incorporate high-efficiency advanced technologies that limit air emissions, conserve water and protect other natural resources. CPV’s natural gas facilities meet the most stringent emissions requirements while our wind-powered facilities harness an inexhaustible resource.

Focus – Building a Bridge to a Renewable Energy Future

CPV is focused on developing natural gas and wind-powered generation facilities as a means of building a bridge to our energy future. CPV is currently developing 4,000 MW of combined-cycle natural gas powered electric generation facilities across North America with an additional 1,525 MW under construction and another 1,450 MW in operation. CPV is also one of North America’s most active wind developers, having developed 5,000 MW of wind power since 2001.

Approach – Building Success through Proven Expertise

CPV is North America’s largest provider of asset management services to natural gas-fired generation facility owners. CPV is successfully managing the day-to-day operation and maintenance of more than 4,800 MW of CPV and 3rd party generation facilities to provide improved financial returns, enhanced environmental protection and greater consumer benefits. With over 10,000 MW of managed assets transacted since 2001, CPV is one of the best in the business. To learn more, please visit: CPV Asset Management.

Presence – Building a Strong Community Together

CPV has built a strong presence across North America. Headquartered in Silver Spring, MD the company has field offices in Braintree, Massachusetts, and San Francisco, California. In addition, the company has personnel working in communities across the continent to help manage our many projects.



What officials are saying
about CPV

"On behalf of the Mayor's Office and the residents of Woodbridge Township, I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the substantial benefits created by the CPV Woodbridge Energy Center. In addition to the clean, reliable electricity this state-of-the-art facility will generate, which will help drive our economy and further economic expansion, the CPV Woodbridge Energy Center has been a boon unto itself."

- John E. McCormac, Mayor Woodbridge, NJ Township,
on CPV Woodbridge Energy Center

"As a state legislator, I was a principal coauthor of legislation that moved this plant forward and I am very happy to continue my support as a member of the Board of Supervisors for Riverside County where the plant is located. State of the art in clean power generation, this plant is a critical component of providing the regions power needs. It is great that it is operational 3 months ahead of schedule to provide critical power for the summer months in the Coachella Valley."

- John Benoit, Supervisor, Riverside County, CA, on CPV Sentinel Energy Center

"By providing reliable and affordable back-up power for our region’s green energy resources, CPV Sentinel plays an important role in helping to maximize the desert's renewable energy potential. The construction of this cutting edge facility also created hundreds of good paying jobs for the region at a time when they were sorely needed. I have had the opportunity to visit the Sentinel plant and get a tour of its impressive technology. I am pleased to have helped make this project a reality."

- V.M. Pérez, CA State Assembly member, on CPV Sentinel Energy Center

“CPV has treated the City as a partner in the operation and has been an asset to our community. When they took over operation of the project, they faced many hurdles including recommending construction of the plant itself, working with the city on many critical issues left by the previous developers and finally managing the cleanup of a pre-existing contamination issue on the site. As someone who is on the frontline when it comes to dealing with the community's concerns, I offer my recommendation of CPV as a "partner" to the City and member of the community.”

- James L. Richetelli, Jr., Mayor, City of Milford, CT

"The CPV Sentinel Plant is providing critical backstop to the extensive renewable energy in the Coachella Valley. It is not always possible to rely solely on renewable energy and this kind of plant is critical, particularly in our region where we have very hot summer months."

- Steve Pougnet, Mayor, Palm Springs, CA, on the CPV Sentinel Energy Center

"As the County Supervisor for the district that CPV Sentinel resides in I could not be more supportive of the plant. The plant has proven to be not only great for the local economy but they have proven themselves to be excellent corporate citizens. With San Onofre offline for good, this plant is a literal lifesaver."

- Marion Ashley, Supervisor, Riverside County, CA, on CPV Sentinel Energy Center